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Understanding and Stabilizing Safety Problems with Severely Dissociative Clients - April 24, 2020

Individuals with complex trauma histories are challenging to treat in face-to-face therapy. During this time of heightened global threat from COVID-19, treating these individuals is even more challenging, in part because treatment providers are also experiencing life disruption, anxiety, and possible losses. In this webinar, Dr. Brand will discuss the impact of the pandemic on traumatized individuals with an emphasis on those who have dissociative reactions. She will address the range of reactions these clients may be experiencing related to the pandemic, shelter in place orders, teletherapy, and related issues. Dr. Brand will describe productive and practical ways to continue working via teletherapy when the traumatized client and therapist are both experiencing a highly unusual level of threat, social disconnection, and uncertainty.

Presented by:
Dr. Bethany Brand

Learning Objectives:

1.Identify patterns of reaction among complex traumatized clients in response to COVID-19 and related
2.Describe a sequence of steps to follow to assist clients in stabilizing panic reactions and safety problems.
3.Discuss ways to support complex trauma patients’ coping and resilience during the pandemic as well as
other times of crisis, as well as those of the treatment providers.


Dr. Bethany Brand specializes in the assessment and treatment of trauma related disorders including posttraumatic stress and dissociative disorders. She has over 30 years of clinical experience. Dr. Brand is a Professor of Psychology at Towson University and she maintains a private practice. She has received teaching, research and clinical awards. She has served on national task forces that developed guidelines for the assessment and treatment of trauma-related disorders and conducts research on trauma disorders.


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